Put a Face on Your Ethics Computer!

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It’s all very well to have a computer algorithm that gives you moral and ethical counseling, and answers all your toughest moral questions (See “Ask Delphi!”). But when all is said and done, a computer just doesn’t have much personality.

That’s why North American Famous Folks Inc. has created Easy Ethics ventriloquists’ dummies that can be hooked up to your Delphi system so that moral guidance comes out of their mouths.

And coming soon–

Celebrity Talking Dummies! Yes, for a paltry $6,000 you can have your moral guidance dummy crafted into the semblance of your favorite celebrity! Imagine getting your ethical advance straight from Oprah! Or Hunter Biden! Or any cool character you saw in a movie! (Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, told me it’s okay for me to spread false rumors if it gets me something that I really want!)

Thanks to high technology, your conscience can retire, your religion can receive a notice of termination, and you’ll never feel conflicted again! Because all that advice comes out of a computer, and Artificial Intelligence is much smarter than real intelligence!