It’s The Hatchery of Fascism!

Mussolini message to future revealed under Rome obelisk ...

“Il Duce”–his politics is still with us. Big-time.

I admit criticizing The Nation is easy. But they’re not the only jidrools out there butchering the English language and trying to stupefy their readers.

According to The Nation, “the suburbs”–whatever they mean by that–“breed fascism” (

What is fascism? Actually, it’s an identifiable and definable system of politics and government, pioneered last century by Benito Mussolini. Its most obvious characteristic is the collusion of authoritarian government with a few favored corporate magnates. If you add labor unions into the mix, you have Peronism… aka Obamaism.

But to The Nation et al, “fascism” is Very, Very Bad and it’s anybody who’s not them. You’re a fascist. I’m a fascist. The term is almost never used accurately. Mostly it’s just Far Left crazies having a tantrum because somebody didn’t obey them.

Lately they’ve been pissing and moaning about normal people’s perverse failing to accept, celebrate, honor, worship, and cater to their idol, Transgender.

As a matter of political science, Obama and Slojo are easily the closest we’ve ever had to a baldly fascist president; and Mussolini could have easily written for The Nation.