Banality of Evil Du Jour: Another Phony Hate Crime

A “gay minister” from Texas has withdrawn his anti-discrimination lawsuit against Whole Foods, admitting the “anti-gay slur” on a wedding cake was something that he did himself in hopes of extorting money from Whole Foods ( ).

Surprise, surprise–another fake hate crime. It seems they almost always turn out to be fake, perpetrated by a victim wannabe looking for sympathy, money, or both. Or sometimes just to stir up trouble.

“I was wrong to use the media to perpetrate this story,” said the “gay minister.” Not wrong to be a false spokesman for the word of God. Not wrong to be not only an unrepentant sinner, but one who demands his sin be “celebrated” by the rest of us. Not wrong to fake a crime to bag a windfall of money wrongfully obtained, to help pay off his student debt. Nope–just wrong to flim-flam the media. Oh–and he apologizes to the LBGTQRST community for making them look bad.

Whoever ordained this guy ought to be cast out of the church. Along with him.

I know we shouldn’t be surprised when sinners sin; but there are some sins that are so flagrantly obnoxious that we just can’t help it.

As Mark Steyn observed on the radio today, now the Western world’s assorted victim classes are upset because the “haters” aren’t hating them enough, so they have to manufacture bogus hate crimes, in their never-ending quest to be rewarded for imaginary grievances.

Once you overthrow God’s laws, man’s laws can’t stand for very long.