Yes, FBI Targeted ‘Traditional Catholics’ as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ FBI the new KGB Bumper Sticker : Handmade Products

Birds of a feather

Congress has obtained documents that show that “multiple offices” of the FBI–Didn’t they used to be law enforcement?–“colluded” to target “traditional Catholics” as “domestic terrorists.” Agents even went so far as to “infiltrate Catholic parishes” (

Weaponize government agencies against half or more of the population–this is the quintessence of Bidenism.

Did someone toss out the First Amendment while we weren’t looking?

Yeahbut! Don’t those traditional Catholics oppose abortion, phony same-sex “marriages,” and Transgender? That’s terrorism–right?

No, Joe. That’s freedom.

Hello, Congress! You need to stop this–now.

By the way… Biden always describes himself as “a devout Catholic.”

God’s gonna see through that, Joe.