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Forth of July Is Racist!!!

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Us interllecturals we hate that Forth of July and it shuld ohgt to be banned! Yiu ordinary dum peple yiu shuldnt be aloud to celibate it no more!

Forth of July are not Incluesive! Doo yiu here that??? Wat is the mater whith yuo stopid peple out thare??? Forth of July is racist, and aslo It ful “of” Homo Phobea and Trans Phobea and Climbit Change DeNile! And On top “of” al that Forth of July it not Incluesive it dont inclued everyboddy jist stopid Americkans!

If yiu dum peple wasnt so dum yiu wuld lissen to us Interllecturals “and” do waht Wee tel yuo becose we is so moch Smarter “than” yiu:; but no!!! yuo Has to have yore stopid Forth of July witch is Only abuote racism and cissexism and ableism ETC!

Iff yuo Was Smart “like” us yiu wuld know americka It shuld bee lyke “the” Sovite Union, now thare was a Smart cuountry! That is wear They know How “to” doo evry thing Rihgt! It two bad we Cant jist al Go over thare insted of hear@yiu Can bet Thay dont have no stopid Forth of July in “the” Sovite Union!

Of corse i know ware the Sovite Union is! Its rihgt next To Rusha!

Wel maybbe wehn Hillery she becumes Pressdint she Wil Bollish the Forth of July and we can Have Trans Day or somthing goood “like that”!

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