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From Marblenecltr’s blog: Idiot Celebrity Endorses Cannibalism

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Human flesh is the finest meat in the world, according to Katy Perry, who puts the “exquisite flavor” of the meat down to “the taboo nature of the product” and the fact that “forbidden pleasures are always the most delicious.” Going as far as to claim that cannibalism is “way…

via Katy Perry: ‘Human Flesh Is The Best Meat; Cannibalism Got A Bad Rap’ — necltr

Words fail me… The probability that she actually knows what she’s talking about is something I would rather not contemplate.

Yeah, They’re Crazy

I think if I were offered Tucker Carlson’s job, I’d be convinced I was having a bad dream. Or maybe a nervous breakdown.

In this outing, Tucker interviews a smirking paramecium named Dakotah Something, who thinks socialism really, really works and America should try to be like Venezuela. ‘Cause all the probs down there, he says between smirks, are caused by bad people trying to ruin the government’s plans to create a workers’ paradise. Damn, it’s a tough row to hoe, for those “dedicated Chavistas.”

Workers, eh? Socialism is full of airheads who never did a day’s work in their lives. What would they know about work?

Watch this kid’s face and listen to his words. This is a product of our education system. This is what we’re getting for our money.

This is our national folly come to life.

And what we’re supposed to do with the hundreds of thousands like him that our colleges are turning out, beats me.

Miley Cyrus, Liberal Prat

Image result for Miley Cyrus Clown

When Reggie Jackson was traded to the Yankees for the 1977 season, before a single game was played, Reggie riled up the whole New York sports world by saying, “I am the straw that stirs the drink.” Oh, Reggie. You just sounded like a fat-head. Hardly the best way to win friends and influence people.

But Miley Cyrus, Hollywood liberal dingbat, has just out-fatheaded Reggie by several country miles.

Miley promised us she’d quit the U.S. for good if Donald Trump were elected president instead of drunken, potty-mouthed, Careless Clinton. Libs always promise to leave, and then they don’t. Smiley Miley is no exception.

Instead of leaving the country like she promised, Miley says no, she’s gonna stay right here: because… wait for it…”I’ve got to glue this place together” (http://ijr.com/2017/05/865385-hillary-supporter-miley-cyrus-election-loss-won-system-f-d-lost/).

Don’t liberals take themselves seriously? I mean, very, very seriously?

I think I do have to say about the way they’ve carried on since losing the election.

I have never in my life felt more satisfied about a vote I cast for anyone, than I feel about the vote I cast for Donald Trump.

Ninny Alert: Actor Fears Trump Will ‘Destroy the Planet’

Image result for images of babbling fool

Political discourse in America: any fool can play.

Now it’s some jidrool named Seth Rogen, supposedly an “actor,” who has sent a message to Donald Trump’s son suggesting that he “ask your dad to resign before he destroys the planet” ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/02/16/seth-rogen-begs-donald-trump-jr-ask-dad-resign-destroys-planet/ ). Gee, how would President Trump go about destroying the planet, even if he, like, really wanted to?

And I’m the one who gets accused of hyperbole. *sigh* I wonder how many brain cells this guy has.

Why even take notice of such twaddle?

Because this is what happens when a nation cuts itself loose from the living God–to a people who proclaim they have no king but Caesar. They will believe anything, anything at all, no matter how ridiculous. And their inane beliefs will prompt them to rash and foolish actions.

There are those who ignore this. More fool them.

Forth of July Is Racist!!!

Image result for images of ban the 4th of july

Us interllecturals we hate that Forth of July and it shuld ohgt to be banned! Yiu ordinary dum peple yiu shuldnt be aloud to celibate it no more!

Forth of July are not Incluesive! Doo yiu here that??? Wat is the mater whith yuo stopid peple out thare??? Forth of July is racist, and aslo It ful “of” Homo Phobea and Trans Phobea and Climbit Change DeNile! And On top “of” al that Forth of July it not Incluesive it dont inclued everyboddy jist stopid Americkans!

If yiu dum peple wasnt so dum yiu wuld lissen to us Interllecturals “and” do waht Wee tel yuo becose we is so moch Smarter “than” yiu:; but no!!! yuo Has to have yore stopid Forth of July witch is Only abuote racism and cissexism and ableism ETC!

Iff yuo Was Smart “like” us yiu wuld know americka It shuld bee lyke “the” Sovite Union, now thare was a Smart cuountry! That is wear They know How “to” doo evry thing Rihgt! It two bad we Cant jist al Go over thare insted of hear@yiu Can bet Thay dont have no stopid Forth of July in “the” Sovite Union!

Of corse i know ware the Sovite Union is! Its rihgt next To Rusha!

Wel maybbe wehn Hillery she becumes Pressdint she Wil Bollish the Forth of July and we can Have Trans Day or somthing goood “like that”!

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