Send Obama to France!

"Obama17" Posters Are Displayed Across Paris

Believe it or not, liberals in France are so desperate, they’ve started a campaign to get our own master of disaster, Barack Hussein Obama, to come over there and run for president of France ( ).

They’ve already got posters for it, and are hoping to get a million signatures on a petition. They want President *Batteries Not Included to come and “give French people hope.” Hoo, boy, be careful what you wish for! They think electing a foreigner to be president of France will be “a lesson of democracy to the planet.” If I were the planet, I’d find someplace to hide. Oh–and they’d also like Hillary to tag along and be in Obama’s cabinet.

Quick! Where do we go to sign that petition?

I think I’d actually be willing to pay to see Obama try to read a French teleprompter. You could sell tickets.

I do wonder, though, if sending him over there might constitute an act of war against France. Or at least an unforgivable insult.

Liberals–ain’t they funny, sometimes?

Libs Hate Their Own Countries

Image result for images of the thinker by rodin

Probably doing his thinking in Esperanto…

We’ve heard a member of the German legislature (Green Party, of course) say she looks forward, with great enthusiasm, to a time when Germans will be a minority in Germany. And we’ve heard a Swedish leader rhapsodize about a Sweden with no Swedes in it.

Now we’ve got a guy running for president of France who says there’s no such thing as French culture ( ).

Emmanuel Macron, 39, a banker before he got into politics, running as an independent, is making a stir in the French election. He also made a stir by calling French colonialism “a crime against humanity” and then criticizing the way homosexual pseudomarriage was imposed on the French people–so he’s got a lot of people mad at him.

In his latest blather, Macron said there was never any such thing as French art–just art that “occurred in France.” Poussin, Delacroix, Degas, Monet, the Limbourg Brothers, Matisse, Rodin–what were they, if not French? Egyptians?

Why do liberals do this? They all wanna be citizens of the world. They worship The Planet. *sigh* They’re always in a hurry to erase their own countries: like the elder Trudeau proclaiming there was no such thing as a Canadian culture, only a bunch of cultures crammed into a space called Canada.

Gee, I wonder what that great Japanese philosopher, Voltaire, would say.