Funny Armadillos (with atrocious “music”)

Armadillos are cool, funny, and we don’t get a chance to see much of them–well, not up here in New Jersey, we don’t.

To enhance your enjoyment of this video, turn off the sound track. I am sure I never heard worse… music? can I call this garbage music?… in my life. Don’t even think about it getting better as it goes on.

Bonus Video: Funny Armadillos

As promised yesterday, here’s some armadillo video, this from the Oatland Wildlife Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Observe: what are these armadillos doing? Well, gathering straw–maybe to make a bed. There’s plenty of straw: so why does one try to take the other’s bundle of straw? What’s going on here? Would we understand it if we were armadillos, too?

God must have had some fun, creating these.