Funny Armadillos (with atrocious “music”)

Armadillos are cool, funny, and we don’t get a chance to see much of them–well, not up here in New Jersey, we don’t.

To enhance your enjoyment of this video, turn off the sound track. I am sure I never heard worse… music? can I call this garbage music?… in my life. Don’t even think about it getting better as it goes on.

11 comments on “Funny Armadillos (with atrocious “music”)

    1. I think I’ve seen one in the wild, perhaps while driving through Texas. Strange little critters.

      That music should win some sort of award, for being in the worst of taste.

    2. Yeah… Texas. I thought those ugly things only lived there so that’s why I was freaking scared when I saw one in South Carolina.

    3. They will go wherever they find a suitable climate. I guess they are in many areas of the south. Interesting animals, but some species carry leprosy.

    4. Only the 9 band armadillos. But I wouldn’t take any chances. Actually, most people are immune to leprosy, from what I hear, but I’d still prefer not to take any chances.

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