In Pursuit of a Pigeon

Mysterious animal interaction! Guinea pigs don’t eat pigeons, they’re not predators–so why are they chasing the pigeon all around the yard. The pigeon can fly–so why doesn’t he just fly away? Or up to the top of the fence, from which safe location he can taunt the guinea pigs?

Really, what is going on here?

Guinea Pig Sounds the Alarm

For those of us who have studied guinea pigs’ facial expressions, this video presents a clear case of… worry. Have you ever seen a more worried-looking guinea pig? If we could see what he sees, we might worry, too. We might even be moved to vocalize as he does.

Do you know anyone who makes guinea pig noises?

A Feast for Guinea Pigs

We should be back from Toms River by now, but in case we’re not, here’s a rather charming video for you.

Think this guy has enough guinea pigs? But he does run a guinea pig sanctuary. And what can you say? Anybody who takes the trouble to make his guinea pigs a great big Christmas tree from kale, apples, peppers and carrots, just for them to gobble up as a festive dinner–well, that’s someone I’d like to meet.

Guinea Pig Odyssey

I admit the cat video was rather short; so here’s a guinea pig to take up the slack.

This guinea pig was a Christmas present to the child in this video, and as you can see, they’re playing together. Unless the guinea pig is thoroughly reconnoitering the house in search of a nice water bed. And guess what happens if he finds one.