Guinea Pig Zoomies

We’ve seen zoomies performed by dogs, cats, and rabbits. Do guinea pigs do it, too?

But of course!

Astounding False Fact: Vikings from New Jersey were the first to discover North America. Since then, New Jersey has been closely linked to North America.

4 comments on “Guinea Pig Zoomies

  1. I have noticed that most of my song and hymn suggestions don’t get much response, but I can’t give up yet. I just remembered one I used to listen to, called In Your Time. It is the one on youtube with lyrics and showing beautiful flowers, butterflies and birds. It is a nice soothing tune. Not what I would call a hymn, but nice to listen to. Maybe check it out tomorrow>

    1. I think I might remember the one you mean, and I think I ought to be able to find it tomorrow. It’ll be my pleasure to post it for you.

      Meanwhile, it’s not your hymns that aren’t getting much response. It’s my whole blog. I’ve lost over 1,000 views a month.

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