What We’re Gonna Do This Afternoon

T Rex Dinosaur, Downton City Street Stock Illustration - Illustration of  danger, downtown: 64131823

Time for some fun! We had to buy it, they weren’t offering rentals–but gee wiz, we’ve worked hard! We deserve a treat.

We’re going to watch Jurassic World: Dominion. We love all the Jurassic Park movies. We are told there are giant locusts in it. I love giant locusts! What movie would not be even better with giant locusts in it? Would’ve pepped up The Third Man a bit. I might’ve watched The Sound of Music if it had had giant locusts in it.

I read two reviews. The guy who hated this movie really hated it. He is probably a jurassophobe. (Colleges, take note: here’s a whole new Bad Person category for you.) The woman who liked it really liked it.

I suppose we could watch some Great Work Of Cinematic Art, intended to impart to us a respectably gloomy view of life. But we’ve got the nooze for that, don’t we? There is a Giganotosaurus in Dominion. We wish a few would show up at the World Economic Forum. They need a Triceratops scattering their chairs to Kingdom Come.

Tune in tomorrow to see how we liked the movie.