House Acts to Protect Your Gas Stove

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SloJo’s cooking up another hardship for us!

Listen up, now, ’cause this is the only nooze I mean to write today.

Earlier this week the House of Representatives passed an amendment to an energy bill, the purpose of the amendment being to protect your gas stoves when the Climate Zombies come gunning for them (

Two dozen Democrats (will wonders never cease?) joined the Republicans in voting for the amendment. That’s two dozen more than I ever thought we’d get.

The measure still has to pass the Senate, and then it’s up to SloJo to veto it or not–if he can tear himself away from mooning over the wonderfulness of Transgender.

Meanwhile, D.C. commentators are wondering why there’s been this tremendous backlash against a simple plan to rip your gas stoves out of your homes and make your lives more difficult. Someone needs to explain this!

Yeah, yeah, they’re gonna Fix The Climate by taking away your stove. Your air conditioner’s next. But they get to keep all their stuff because John “S*** for Brains” Kerry says they’ve earned it, workin’ so hard to transform America.

We need gigantic chameleons who eat globalists.