Question! Question!

The Devil Critiques Expressions That Mention Him | The New Yorker

Betcha he knows the answer!

Here’s a question that needs to be asked–although I really don’t know who can provide the answer.

Q: How many minors in the United States–say age 15 and under–have received “gender affirming care” a)last year  b)last two years  or c)last five years? By “gender affirming care” we mean castrating little boys, lopping the breasts off girls, and shooting them full of drugs that will supposedly “block puberty” and render them sterile for life.

Some Democrats call it “healthcare.” Call it what it is: the most barbaric kind of child abuse.

Obviously, if everybody’s children receive this travesty of “healthcare,” it will cause the human race to go extinct. And don’t tell me you’ve never heard a leftid say he or she wants that.

So how many boys and girls have you sterilized so far? Turned them into lifelong hospital patients. How many? Or don’t you bother to keep count?