We’re Living in Jurassic Park

From the movie, “Jurassic Park”: This is what can happen when all those little glitches build up to a critical mass…

You know the story. Thinking ahead to nothing beyond getting rich or becoming famous, a bunch of money men and scientists and lawyers decide to clone dinosaurs and put them in a theme park.

They believe they are totally in control of their project.

But one by one, two by two, and three by three, little teeny-weeny things are going wrong. Because they are impressed by their own credentials and utterly convinced that they’re in control, they don’t even notice increasing randomness that’s taking over the park–until it’s too late.

The crowning disaster is brought on by something trivial. Because they had to turn off and then restart the park’s computer, and then they got everything working again, no one noticed that the park came back on line using auxiliary power only, and should have been switched on to the main power supply. Suddenly the auxiliary power was all used up and the dinosaurs started eating everybody. Just a little slip like that, and the whole thing goes up in smoke.

Tell me the daily news doesn’t remind you of that.

Let’s see… whole Middle Eastern populations pouring into Europe, mass shootings all over America (although decades ago, when per capita gun ownership in the U.S. was many times greater than it is now, there were no mass shootings), stock markets tanking, judges throwing people into prison for not taking part in homosexual parodies of marriage, you’re $100,000 in student loan debt and can’t get a job, intellectuals taking the time to invent “gender-neutral” pronouns to be used in place of human speech, and here comes the Chinese Navy…

Sure looks like a lot of our sub-systems breaking down, trending toward total system failure.

But it’s only what we get, and what people have always gotten, for turning away from God and turning toward the mirror when it’s time to worship.

“There is no cause for alarm. Everything is under control.” Not.

When the Lord is really mad at us, He lets us have our way.