She Wants to Govern Your Town

Adults can throw temper tantrums and the pandemic made it worse | body+soul

All those “crazy psychiatrist” jokes turn out to be true…

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

Scroll to the video at the bottom of the article (in case I can’t find it on YouTube) and you will see a woman… with purple hair… going full-throttle batshit in Costco, screaming at another customer because he isn’t wearing a mask. And this is Utah, fer pete’s sake! Not California.

Two more startling items of information.

The woman is running for city council in her home town. Yessireebob, give her a seat on the government! Just what we need.


She is a licensed mental health counselor.

Words fail me.

[Sorry, couldn’t find it on YouTube, you’ll need to click the link.]

Update: Found it on YouTube, after all. Here it is.