Here’s What the Universities Are Doing with Their Bailout Money

Conceptual finance image of burning pile of money, dollar bills ...

Billions of dollars in coronavirus relief funds have been poured into our country’s looniversities. What do you suppose they’re doing with it?

Why, hiring new “diversity czars,” of course! (

A few examples: University of Tennessee-Knoxville, over $19 million; Salem State, over $6.5 million; University of Texas-San Antonio, over $29 million.

And they’re all using the money to hire new “diversity” administrators, to further “our broad commitments to inclusion and engagement,” blah-blah-blah. Gotta meet those “diversity goals”!

While many of us wonder if we’re going to survive the economic hardships and dislocations dumped on us by the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China, our colleges are using our tax money to provide totally useless cushy jobs that have nothing to do with anything beyond pursuing their inane contribution to “transforming” America into a Third World socialist basket case. Our money is being pissed away for this.

You’d think our government would defend us and take back all the funds now being squandered on pseudo-education. You’d think America would have learned, the hard way, that our supply of money is not freakin’ infinite and should not be wasted on pernicious foolishness. Are we never going to learn that lesson?

Stop funding the universities. Just stop it!