Your Daily Public Schooling Outrage

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Achtung! We take mispronouning very seriously!

Hey! Let’s invoke federal law as we *Investigate* three 8th-grade kids for using the wrong pronouns! It’s sexual harassment! Let’s call it “mispronouning.”

That’s what’s going on in the Kiel, Wisconsin, school district (

“School officials” will do just about anything to advance the Transgender agenda. Do you believe Congress actually passed a law to require everyone to call boys girls when they’re still boys but now they insist they’re girls? What’s the penalty for Mispronouning? Seven years in Leavenworth?

Oh, forsooth! three boys used “incorrect pronouns”! Break out the guillotine!

Please, please, please, everybody! Take a good hard look at your local school district’s priorities. And it’s all done with your tax dollars.

Update: We are told the school district dropped its “investigation” rather than enter into a lengthy lawsuit which would have them publicly defending their insane and wicked transgender policies.