Atheist Stifled for Rapping Islam

Image result for images of women burning burqas

Once again, the Left turns on one of its own.

Richard Dawkins, the Western world’s leading Christian-basher, made the mistake of criticizing Islam. Instantly, a speech he was to give at Berkeley University next month was cancelled by its organizers (–who, of course, profess that “We support free speech.” Could’ve fooled me! Berkeley is where free speech goes to die.

Dawkins called Islam the “most evil” religion in the world: implying, in case anyone hadn’t noticed, that all religions are “evil.”

Funny, isn’t it? For telling lies, the “progressives” of this fallen world praised him and made him famous. The one time he tells the truth, they shoot him down. Now he’s persona non grata among his own kind.

Meanwhile, Muslims in the Syrian town of Raqqa are celebrating their liberation from ISIS’ little caliphate by burning their burqas and shaving off the ugly beards the tyrants made them grow (

They tell horrific tales of the caliphate’s unrestrained violence against, well, everyone they could get their hands on.

Maybe Dawkins could give his speech there.