Florida County Fined +$3.5 Million for Imposing ‘Vaccine Passport’

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“Not on my watch, sunshine!”

Florida state law prohibits requiring proof of having received a COVID shot as a condition for living everyday life; but Leon County went ahead and did it anyway. Seven hundred county employees got the shot; fourteen who chose not to, got fired.

So now the Florida Dept. of Health has fined the county over $3.5 million for its actions in violation of state law: no “vaccine passports” allowed (http://www.floridahealth.gov/newsroom/2021/10/20211012-fdoh-issues-notice-of-fine-to-leon-county.pr.html).

America is not Australia. Not yet, it isn’t. (Stay tuned for my next post!) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would continue to protect the rights of citizens to make their own medical decisions.

The Dept. of Health has notified Leon County that a check or money order would be acceptable.

Democrats, who love all forms of coercion, are wailing and gnashing their teeth over this. I don’t feel like quoting any of them, so I won’t.