‘The Mask Comes Off’ (2018)

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They fight dirty, and they don’t need guns

In the four years since I wrote this post, Democrats have stopped trying to win us over and now just run roughshod over us. Learning how to steal elections is so marvelously liberating! You don’t have to pretend anymore that you’re not a communist.

The Mask Comes Off

Mark it well: all over the world, self-anointed elites are hunting our souls, working tirelessly to erase our freedoms. They will not be happy until they’ve enslaved those of us they haven’t killed.

‘Mischief in High Places’ (2017)

Get to Know Obama's Attorney General Pick: Loretta Lynch

Partners in crime

Remember Loretta Lynch? The Obama attorney general who wanted to chuck people into jail for “Climate Change Denial.” The one who spiked an investigation of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, that Loretta Lynch.

In 2017 she briefly burst into the headlines again, saying things were so intolerably awful with Donald Trump as president, there would have to be “blood in the streets.”

Mischief in High Places

Really, I don’t see how our civilization can possibly survive the current tsunami of crime, fanaticism, idiocy, and lust for power–all the product of our indescribably delinquent ruling class.

Heck, it took SloJo Biden no time at all to find an AG who’s even worse than Ms. Lunch…

Aussie Cartoonist Fired for Anti-Tyranny Cartoon

Michael Leunig Condemned For Cartoon Comparing Vaccine Mandates To Tiananmen Square Massacre

Michael Luenig, one of Australia’s top political cartoonists, has been fired for drawing a cartoon that likened Australia’s “vaccine” mandates to Communist China’s massacre of protesters in Tien An Men Square in 1989 (https://reclaimthenet.org/australian-cartoonist-fired-for-vaccine-mandate-cartoon/).

You’re not allowed to have that opinion! Not in Australia, where King COVID rules by decree.

Boy, I remember my college freshman orientation, 1967. The buzzword then was “dissent.” It was extolled. Worshiped as an end in itself–as long as you didn’t dissent from The Movement (some things never change).

Now if you dissent, you’ll at the very least lose your livelihood. When it comes to Pandemic Policy, there is no dissent allowed!

Oh! And of course “the authorities” tried to suppress the cartoon, but now it’s all over the internet and millions more people have seen it than would have if they’d just left it alone. But exercising free speech in front of these tin-pot tyrants is like waving a red flag to a bull.

So sure, bunky, you can still dissent! Just as long as you don’t dissent from the party line.

Florida County Fined +$3.5 Million for Imposing ‘Vaccine Passport’

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“Not on my watch, sunshine!”

Florida state law prohibits requiring proof of having received a COVID shot as a condition for living everyday life; but Leon County went ahead and did it anyway. Seven hundred county employees got the shot; fourteen who chose not to, got fired.

So now the Florida Dept. of Health has fined the county over $3.5 million for its actions in violation of state law: no “vaccine passports” allowed (http://www.floridahealth.gov/newsroom/2021/10/20211012-fdoh-issues-notice-of-fine-to-leon-county.pr.html).

America is not Australia. Not yet, it isn’t. (Stay tuned for my next post!) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would continue to protect the rights of citizens to make their own medical decisions.

The Dept. of Health has notified Leon County that a check or money order would be acceptable.

Democrats, who love all forms of coercion, are wailing and gnashing their teeth over this. I don’t feel like quoting any of them, so I won’t.

Biden Plan: Vax 28 Million American Children

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If you think the flap over forcing kids to wear masks in school is a big deal, wait’ll this kicks in.

Joe Biden’s “presidential administration” has a plan to “vaccinate” 28 million children aged 5-11 (https://dailycaller.com/2021/10/20/biden-vaccinate-children-pfizer-fda/).

Is this going to be another one of those like-it-or-not “mandates” handed down from The Big Guy in the White House? Will parents have any say in whether their kids get shot up with this experimental gene therapy?

Y’know, for two cents I’d post that old number by Napoleon XIV from 1966, They’re Coming to Take Me Away, and offer it up as music for our time.

Like I said, it seems they’re taking away big chunks of our freedom in hopes that they’ll only have to give little chunks of it back.

God grant we survive this full-scale assault on our republic. “Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light: protect us by thy might, Great God our King.”

‘UN Calls for “Unprecedented Societal Change”‘ (2018)

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Citizens of the world, one and all!

The corrupt dictators’ club that is the United Nations, a couple of years ago, highlighted The Supreme Struggle Against Climbit Chainge by suggested that part of it would have to take the form of Unprecedented Societal Change. They never explained exactly what they had in mind, so it was left up to satirists to speculate.

UN Calls For ‘Unprecedented Societal Change’

There are ideas as bad as world government–that whole transgender thing, for one–but there are certainly no ideas that are worse. The would-be masters of the world want global government so bad, they can taste it. Climbite Chainge couldn’t quite do it for them, but now they’ve got King COVID working for them.

O Lord of hosts, smite them…

‘UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax’ (2018)

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President Trump let them howl at the moon for four years, but now the Climbit Chains witch doctors are ramping up their act again because he isn’t there to ignore them.

What do they want? Well, stupid crazy stuff like this.

UN Wackos Call for $240/Gallon Gas Tax

So next month the world’s ruling class will have a big pow-wow (in Scotland) and try to decide what to do about winter. France wants ’em to “re-classify” nuclear energy as “green energy,” ROFL. Why don’t they just do the same for fossil fuels, and end the problem? But there’s a strong faction among the big shots that’s willing to see the plebs all freeze themselves to death as a human sacrifice to their pagan pseudo-religion.

Oh! And don’t forget those “unprecedented societal changes”! Betcha can’t wait to see what those are! The plan-demic has already given us a little taste of that.

May the Lord our God defend us.



‘They’re Watching Us… Why?’ (2014)

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Government was already gobbling up our freedom seven years ago.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! If you never do anything wrong, why should you care if they’re watching you?

They’re Watching Us… Why?

They watch us all the time, and we wonder why. Why do they need to have a record of who buys tobacco products? What business is it of theirs? Was it for this that we rose up against King George?

And if you think it’s only smokers that they’re spying on and writing up… think again.


I’d Rather Stay Free

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The new all-purpose salutation is “Stay safe,” and I don’t much like it. I mean… how safe? One hundred percent risk-free?

If by “Stay safe” they mean be extraordinarily risk-averse, tremble in fear of germs here, germs there, germs everywhere, and always believe and obey The Government no matter how many times they’re caught lying and cheating–if that’s what “Stay safe” is getting at, I think the polite reply ought to be, “Thanks, but I’d rather stay free.”

If people are going to give up their freedoms, they ought at least be forced to think about it. (“Honest, we’ll give you back your freedom as soon as we can guarantee a germ-free environment–you have our word on it!”)

Meanwhile, they’re saying almost half of America is in favor of “vaccine passports”–that is, you lose your freedom of movement unless you can prove you’ve had your COVID shot. This is unprecedented in American history, uproariously unconstitutional–and you can bet Democrats are licking their lips over it and just can’t wait to lay it on us.

Freedom is easy to lose, but hard to get back.

‘Oh, Look! Jesse James Is in Charge of the Banks!’ (2015)

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“We’re from the government and we’re here to help!”

As so often happens with the nooze, I can’t find any follow-up so I don’t know how this EU government caper turned out. Maybe they changed their minds and didn’t do it, after all–grab the savings of some 500 million people and use it to “plug the gap” left by a financial crisis.

Oh, Look! Jesse James is in Charge of the Banks!

The point is, nothing that you think you have is really yours. It’s all theirs, to do with as they please. That’s why they’re now in the business of rigging elections: they don’t what us bitter clingers thinking that we count for something.