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Same Kids, New Trick… New Disaster

Not put off by their destruction of a perfectly good dining room (see yesterday’s video post), these two German kids have taken their magic act out of doors. Wait’ll you see their latest trick.The Katzenjammer Kids have nothing on them.

I’m afraid to find out what their next trick will be. I heard it involves making a nuclear submarine disappear…

It just occurs to me that in both these instances, the trick itself was successful. It was just the immediate aftermath that was disastrous.

We Need a Laugh! So Here’s a Big One

This failed magic trick is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Actually, the trick itself succeeds brilliantly! It’s the ensuing chaos and destruction that’s a problem.

Hey, out there! If you have anything hilarious, cozy, or comforting to share–well, here we are.

One More Time: A Humorous Interlude

If you’re new here, and a lot of you are, you probably missed this video the first two times I posted it. I’m posting it again because it’s just soooo funny! And maybe one of the things that makes me laugh so hard is the thought of what would have happened, had my brother and I tried this at home.

Rerun: A Magic Trick That Almost Worked

Summer’s here, and reruns are sort of a summer tradition–and you just can’t beat this little video for laughs.

These two German boys almost pull it off–great trick! Except the follow-up is, shall we say, disastrous. Ooh, ooh! Imagine what their mother’s gonna say when she sees what’s happened to her dining room…

Gee, it worked fine for Lou Costello (in Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein).

[Oops! I just discovered that I ran this video a few months ago. Sorry about that. But if you missed it then, you can enjoy it now.]

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