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All the Nooze That’s Fit to Print

(Never fails to bring tears of rejoicing to my eyes…)

Y’know what? It’s pretty easy to get demoralized by the news. I mean, it’s one damned thing after another, all of it awful, a never-ending freak show: like the report today about the 22-year-old nut in Los Angeles who wants to be “a genderless alien or extraterrestrial” and has had over 100 plastic surgery procedures toward that end ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4274396/Man-spends-50-000-transform-genderless-ALIEN.html ). Look at the mess he’s made of himself!

But we ought to remember that that’s the nature of the news.

A thousand cats sitting on a thousand people’s laps, that’s not news, it would never be reported. One cat going mad and biting off Grandma’s tongue–that’s news, and it will be reported everywhere.

The news is about deviations from the norm, the more deviant, the better. Ordinary people doing ordinary things, with ordinary results, is not news. Okay, a local weekly reporting the youth league soccer scores, that’s pretty normal–and as the guy whose job once included getting that stuff into the paper, I’m here to tell you that they’d tar and feather you if you ever left it out.

It’s not that the news reports we read, and get distressed by, are fictional–although some of it is, and more than is good for us. We do have to pay heed to what’s happening. A lot of it is bad. A lot of it, we would stop if we could.

But we mustn’t let ourselves be freaked out by it. (“I plead guilty, your honor…”) Accepting that it’s bad news, resolved to do what good we can, there’s still one thing we must always remember:

Our God is an awesome God!

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