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‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

Yes, we’ve posted this before; but we won’t be any the worse for hearing it again. Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith–with most of the singing done by the concert audience.

Our God truly is an awesome God, maker of heaven and earth and all that is in them…

By Request, ‘Awesome God’

Wow, do I love this song! I don’t know what time it is with you in Japan, Joshua, but I posted this as soon as I could–Awesome God, sung by GLAD, with awesome photos of God’s handiwork. What hath God wrought!

‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

I was stuck for a hymn this morning–it’s been some days since anyone’s requested one–so I had to fall back on my favorites. Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael Smith, is one of them.

This must have been an easy concert! Just play a few bars on the piano, and the audience starts singing the song for you.

Encore, ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

This is the hymn that insisted on being posted this morning: I must have a need for it. Our God is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. Note that all he has to do is play the first few notes and the whole audience starts singing. I wish I’d been there!

Our God truly is an awesome God, and more than equal to the challenge of even this profoundly evil age. We need an awesome and mighty Redeemer–and we’ve got one.

By Request, ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

Yes, I know, I’ve posted this video many times. Well, here’s another time. At Linda’s request, Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. I love this video. I especially love the way the whole audience breaks into song as soon as they hear the first few chords. Kind of gives one hope, doesn’t it?

‘Our God is an Awesome God’ (and I Need Him!)

Things are not going at all well with my family, lately. And as much as I would like to give you the details–and that’s very much indeed–I am not at liberty to do so. You’ll just have to take my word for it–and pray that the Lord helps us, and soon. I don’t know what to do, and there’s no one to go to… but God Himself and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, all I can do for now is to follow the old advice: pray harder, sing louder. And hope God hears me, and comes to our aid. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Because We Need It: ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

Like the lady on the Christian radio show said, so many years ago: “When times get tough–sing louder!”

Let’s sing this, then: Our God Is an Awesome God, performed by Michael W. Smith. At least turn up the volume!

Again!’Our God Is an Awesome God’

One of the wisest things I ever heard anybody say was by a woman on this little 15-minute panel show on our local Christian radio station. “When life gets hard and things go bad,” she said, “and when your faith feels shaky–sing louder!”

Turn up the volume on this one, Our God is an Awesome God. May the songs of God’s people cause His enemies to know they’ve picked the wrong side, and move them to repent. It really doesn’t pay to defy Almighty God who made the heavens and the earth. Let the heathen take full warning.

Amen! ‘Our God is an Awesome God’

Yeah, I’ve posted this several times before: Our God is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. He’s giving the concert, but it’s the audience that’s singing. Anyway, this is what my spirit craved this morning.

All the Nooze That’s Fit to Print

(Never fails to bring tears of rejoicing to my eyes…)

Y’know what? It’s pretty easy to get demoralized by the news. I mean, it’s one damned thing after another, all of it awful, a never-ending freak show: like the report today about the 22-year-old nut in Los Angeles who wants to be “a genderless alien or extraterrestrial” and has had over 100 plastic surgery procedures toward that end ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4274396/Man-spends-50-000-transform-genderless-ALIEN.html ). Look at the mess he’s made of himself!

But we ought to remember that that’s the nature of the news.

A thousand cats sitting on a thousand people’s laps, that’s not news, it would never be reported. One cat going mad and biting off Grandma’s tongue–that’s news, and it will be reported everywhere.

The news is about deviations from the norm, the more deviant, the better. Ordinary people doing ordinary things, with ordinary results, is not news. Okay, a local weekly reporting the youth league soccer scores, that’s pretty normal–and as the guy whose job once included getting that stuff into the paper, I’m here to tell you that they’d tar and feather you if you ever left it out.

It’s not that the news reports we read, and get distressed by, are fictional–although some of it is, and more than is good for us. We do have to pay heed to what’s happening. A lot of it is bad. A lot of it, we would stop if we could.

But we mustn’t let ourselves be freaked out by it. (“I plead guilty, your honor…”) Accepting that it’s bad news, resolved to do what good we can, there’s still one thing we must always remember:

Our God is an awesome God!

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