‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

You won’t get a crowd any more pumped up than they are for this–Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. I’m also thinking about posting a hall full of Marines singing Days of Elijah. What do you think?

‘Our God Is an Awesome God’ (New!)

Well, this’ll shake the cobwebs loose. Requested by Susan–Michael W. Smith has a new rendition of Awesome God, complete with drum corps and a full orchestra, and an auditorium-full of worshipers singing along for all they’re worth. Yes, this is what we like to hear!

Hear This, You Dastards!

You villains and you dastards, who bow down to Baal and think we, God’s people, ought to bow to you–hear this!

We will not bow to you, nor to your idols made with human hands, nor to your state, nor to your so-called science, nor to the assorted inanities that you hold up as “truths.”

Our God Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, and sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to be our Savior.

Today you run wild, today you think to eat our flesh and bones. But when our awesome God turns His judgment on you, no one will be able to find you anymore at all. You will have no place in His Kingdom, no place anywhere at all.

And we will forget you ever existed.

‘Our God Is An Awesome God’

I haven’t posted this hymn in a while. Let me correct that fault right now–Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith.

There’s something to be said for a multitude of Christians all singing God’s praise under one roof. As I heard a wise lady once say: When the going gets tough… sing louder.

Bonus Hymn, ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

I post this as an antidote, an answer, to the pessimism that creeps over our souls from time to time. Let us not forget the God we serve!

If you can, take yourself out of today’s nooze and put yourself into the audience within this video–and then try to tell yourself the bad guys win, no hope, they beat God. Go ahead, try.

Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith: he hardly has to sing it; he’s got a hall full of people to sing it for him.

Feel free to join in!

‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

Yes, we’ve posted this before; but we won’t be any the worse for hearing it again. Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith–with most of the singing done by the concert audience.

Our God truly is an awesome God, maker of heaven and earth and all that is in them…

By Request, ‘Awesome God’

Wow, do I love this song! I don’t know what time it is with you in Japan, Joshua, but I posted this as soon as I could–Awesome God, sung by GLAD, with awesome photos of God’s handiwork. What hath God wrought!

‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

I was stuck for a hymn this morning–it’s been some days since anyone’s requested one–so I had to fall back on my favorites. Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael Smith, is one of them.

This must have been an easy concert! Just play a few bars on the piano, and the audience starts singing the song for you.

Encore, ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

This is the hymn that insisted on being posted this morning: I must have a need for it. Our God is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. Note that all he has to do is play the first few notes and the whole audience starts singing. I wish I’d been there!

Our God truly is an awesome God, and more than equal to the challenge of even this profoundly evil age. We need an awesome and mighty Redeemer–and we’ve got one.

By Request, ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

Yes, I know, I’ve posted this video many times. Well, here’s another time. At Linda’s request, Our God Is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. I love this video. I especially love the way the whole audience breaks into song as soon as they hear the first few chords. Kind of gives one hope, doesn’t it?