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‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’

Nearer, My God, to Thee, sung by the Sharon Mennonite Singers, with God’s own handiwork for background sets–could anything be more beautiful? What better way to start the Sabbath day?

By Request, ‘Nearer My God to Thee’

The Piano Guys, sans piano, perform a cello instrumental of Nearer My God to Thee. Background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth. Requested by Joshua.

‘Nearer My God to Thee’

Greetings from yesterday. I posted this yesterday in the expectation that Patty and I would be at the doctor’s this morning. Please pray for us! It may be there’s a treatment that can help her.

Meanwhile, Nearer My God to Thee, sung by the Sharon Mennonite Singers–and I pray that for us, today, “nearer” means in the spiritual sense.

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