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We Has Re–Infented Chesst!!

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The uther day hear At collidge we catched some racist Biggits playing Chesst! So whe caled a Emurgincy meating “of” The Stodent Soviet and we maid “all” “new” Rools of Chesst to get ridd “of” all “the” classism and maike It “a” gaim of Socile Jutstus And Equailitty!!!!

Fromb nhow on al the Chesst peeces thay has “got to” be Black and thare cant “be” No Moar whyte chesst thingys and aslo fromb nhow On “thare” be ownly Pauns!!!! That is “for” Equailitty!! We whil keeep themb Rooks in the coarners but nhow thay “wil” Not be Cassles no moar,, insted thay wil Be Ree-Eddication Fasillaties and thay wil Not Moove or do nothing elsse!!

We got ridd “of” themb Horsy Things the Knites becose it is tooo Ableist for humins to be tellling Aminals whatt to do!!! And no moar Biships becose that is Relijjin and it is UnConsatutchinal to has relijjin and aslo no more Quween becose it is Sexist!!! And fromb nhow on thare is ownly one King “butt” it “is” “not” a King annymoar,, it is Pressadint Obamma and he Is “the” King for boath sydes and he canno’t be putt “in” Check,, yiu cant do no things to himb at alll!!! and aslo he can moove annyware he whants!!!

No moar Catchering wil “be” aloud neether!!!!! If a Paun bumps intoo anether Paun thay has boath got to “go” “to” Ree-Eddication!!! And then the Paun comes back Into The gaim!!!

Well somb no-good Racist Biggit he aksed a stinky Quwestchin abuot how Are Yiu Saposed to Win??? And the anser it is “Yiu Doant!!!!!!!!” No moar Winning!! All the playyers thay win al “the” Tyme and aslo get “a” Pracipatacion Trofee!!!

This it will teech Grate Lessens in Socile Jutstus!!!

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