Climate Change Cheats Caught Again

This is getting to be like reporting “dog bites man”: Once again, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been caught cheating in an effort to sell “man-made climate change” ( ).

This time NOAA rushed to publicize, before a scientific peer review could be completed, “research” that supposedly shows that human activity caused torrential rains in Louisiana. Gee, I wonder why no one thought of performing that activity in the Gobi Desert.

University of Colorado’s senior climate scientist, Roger Pielke Sr., called NOAA’s rush to publication, and extravagant claims, “manipulation of science for political reasons.” Ya think? He also rapped NOAA for studying man-made computer models instead of nature. What a pill. Everybody knows computer models are much easier to study–and a lot more cooperative, too.

Please always bear in mind this general principle:

When a certain public policy is strongly advocated by persons with well-earned reputations as liars, swindlers, and thieves, and where such a policy, if enacted into law, would bring them fabulous wealth and greatly enlarge their political power… do not under any circumstances believe them.

‘Climate Change’ Con Artists Caught Again

We told you so.

Once again, a bunch of “climate scientists”–this time from a federal government weather agency, NOAA–has been caught lying and cheating in order to trick the public into believing in Global Warming ( ).

Because if the public believes in Global Warming, they just may allow the government to do anything and everything to Save the Planet. Like, if we don’t give them huge new powers and allow them to tax our pants off, we’re all gonna die, our cities all gonna be underwater, glub-glug-glub…

So NOAA has tried to build up Global Warming by inventing temperature data. You know–just making it up. They’ve also been caught substituting temperature readings from urban areas for non-readings from rural areas. For those who have been to collidge, urban temperatures are higher than rural temperatures–all that paving, for instance. It has been estimated that some 50 percent of the temperature data cited by NOAA is fictitious.

I know there are true believers out there who still gulp it down when liberal politicians and their pet “scientists” insist that we’ve got Global Warming and everybody on the Plaaanet had better obey them, or else. Never mind that all these Global Warming alarmists zoom around in private jets, live in enormous mansions, and leave “carbon footprints” a thousand times bigger than anybody else’s–and that they don’t act like they believe a single word of what they’re selling.

To have that much faith in government, and so little faith in God–

Is that a tragedy or a farce?