The Numbers Tell It: Obama Regime Was Hostile to Christianity

If you still even entertain the idea of ever allowing Democrats to get back into power, please consider this:

According to data compiled by the Family Research Council, the Barack Hussein Obama regime was more hostile to Christianity than any other presidential administration in American history (

Or, to put it another way, during the last two years of that person’s presidency, incidents of “religious freedom violations” increased 76 percent.

What kind of incidents? Oh, just little things. Like the government using its various flunkies to arrest a high school boy for praying at his graduation, bust a couple of teachers for privately saying grace over their meal in a school cafeteria… oh! And forcing all the firefighters in San Diego, on pain of “disciplinary action,” to march in the sodomy pride parade.

But those are just a few of many examples. And really, we knew it before this study came out.

Liberals hate God.

Liberals hate Jesus Christ.

Liberals hate Christians.

Liberals hate America.

And Democrats hate you, boys ‘n’ girls. Their last presidential candidate didn’t call you “deplorables” because she loved you.