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‘Humanists Sue to Stop Charity for Destitute Children’ (2016)

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In case you missed it two years ago, here’s the American Humanist Assn. suing to stop a charity for children living in poverty around the world.


Now do you believe me, when I tell you there’s no one as anti-human as humanists?

If you performed an act of charity in the name of Mao Tse-tung or some other communist mass murderer, humanists would never dream of protesting. That’s because they like Mao a lot better than Jesus.

Why I Cover the Leftids

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Believe me, I don’t do it for my health.

If the history of the 20th century, half of which took place before my own eyes, teaches us anything, it teaches us this: that depraved, warped individuals can acquire political power, and that their depraved, criminally insane ideas can be–and sometimes are–actually put into practice. The result is disaster, sometimes on a global scale. A little number called World War II springs to mind.

I have seen what happens to some liberals’ faces when you dare to disagree with one of their pet crochets. If looks could kill, you’d be dead. In the 21st century, we really did have Attorney General Loretta “Tarmac” Lynch huddling with Democrat senators to discuss ways to throw you into prison for the “crime” of Climate Change Denial. We are starting to hear that sort of leftid hysteria in conjunction with Hurricane Irma. It’s Mother Nature punishing Trump voters for not believing in Man-Made Global Warming. And a leftid commented last night: all Climate Change Deniers “deserve to die in jail!” You can bet the house he’d put us there, if he could.

I write about these people because I think they’re dangerous. If you don’t think Antifa thugs are dangerous, you need to think some more.

Now the leftids’ greatest source of strength is the perception that they’re Smart, much smarter than the average peasant. They certainly believe it. The media consistently portray them as the nation’s brain trust. And it’s a shame, but an awful lot of people have fallen for that line of hogwash. “Well, I mean, he’s a college professor/scientist/U.S. Senator/movie star/celebrity–he must know what he’s talkin’ about!”

I do what I can to expose these aspiring dictators as big-mouthed buffoons–which indeed most of them are. They say they’re too smart to believe in God, but embrace the most benighted, shabby forms of paganism and superstition. Many of them can’t even define or explain the things they say they do believe in. But there are smarter ones behind them, pulling their strings.

If they ever lose that mask of intellectual superiority, they’ll pretty much lose everything. I pray the Lord will strengthen all of us who try to take away that mask.

True, some of their peculiar follies really do rate belly-laughs, and we can’t be blamed for laughing at them.

But behind it all stands evil.

Behind it all stands Satan.

Hollywood Airhead Blames Hurricane Irma on Trump Voters

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Need some help understanding the mysteries of nature? Turn to Hollywood!

Actress Jennifer Lawrence–honestly, I never heard of her until now–says Hurricane Irma is a manifestation of Mother Nature’s “rage and wrath” against Trump voters for not believing in Man-Made Climbit Change (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/kristine-marsh/2017/09/07/jennifer-lawrence-mother-natures-rage-directed-us-because-trump).

So I guess that if we’d elected Hillary (heaven forbid), there wouldn’t have been a hurricane–right? Ms. Lawrence, by the way, calls Hillary Clinton “an inspiration.” I would rather not see the mental landscape she inhabits.

So evidently there’s this entity called Mother Nature that takes sides in American politics–that sides with the leftids, in fact–and punishes ordrinary dum peple for not believing what liberals say and not obeying them.

Gee, Mother Nature–aren’t you going to wack a lot of people who fervently believe in Man-Made Climbit Change, who voted for Hillary, and only buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? I mean, that’s not very fair, is it?

Oh! What’s that you say? Sacrifices? You want sacrifices?

Now, if anyone had suggested that God, the real God, had sent the hurricane to let people know He wasn’t pleased with them, all these Hollywood jidrools would have a fit. They’d want you jailed for hate speech.

These poor saps. They call us names all day, they spit on whatever we consider holy, and then they can’t understand why we reject their leadership.

Wait’ll we start rejecting their movies, too.

The Numbers Tell It: Obama Regime Was Hostile to Christianity

If you still even entertain the idea of ever allowing Democrats to get back into power, please consider this:

According to data compiled by the Family Research Council, the Barack Hussein Obama regime was more hostile to Christianity than any other presidential administration in American history (http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/06/29/government-hostility-to-religion-spiked-under-obama-new-report-finds.html).

Or, to put it another way, during the last two years of that person’s presidency, incidents of “religious freedom violations” increased 76 percent.

What kind of incidents? Oh, just little things. Like the government using its various flunkies to arrest a high school boy for praying at his graduation, bust a couple of teachers for privately saying grace over their meal in a school cafeteria… oh! And forcing all the firefighters in San Diego, on pain of “disciplinary action,” to march in the sodomy pride parade.

But those are just a few of many examples. And really, we knew it before this study came out.

Liberals hate God.

Liberals hate Jesus Christ.

Liberals hate Christians.

Liberals hate America.

And Democrats hate you, boys ‘n’ girls. Their last presidential candidate didn’t call you “deplorables” because she loved you.

Good News! (For Once)

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“School officials”–a euphemism for dunderheads–at Beaver High School in Pennsylvania were in the news this month for forbidding a student to mention the name of Jesus Christ in her graduation speech–and she did it anyway (http://conservativetribune.com/high-school-grad-jesus/).

Moriah Bridges said, “I’ve always been a rule follower… But today, in the spirit of defying expectations, and for perhaps the last time at this podium, I say, ‘in the righteous name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” For which she received a long and loud ovation.

The school bigwigs don’t know what to do about it. They’re stumped. Like, it’s too late to make her repeat high school. Their position was that it’s “against the law” for anyone connected with the school district to invoke the name of Jesus Christ.

We hail and applaud this young woman for having, as the Apostles had, the courage to obey God rather than men.

We need a great deal more of this.

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