‘Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus’

They called this an “epic version” of the hymn, Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus, and I can’t disagree: everything about it is superb. Simon Khorolskiy sings, Katie Gayduchik plays the violin, and the ocean in the background majestically shows off God’s handiwork.

It’s getting to be time to list some more of Your Favorite Hymns: the cart needs filling.

Encore! ‘Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus’

Susan requested another showing of this wonderful hymn, and here it is–Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus, with Katie Gayduchik on the violin and Simon Khorolskiy doing the singing. And glorious background sets by God the Father.

If we ever need that love, O Lord, we need it now.

Encore: ‘Oh! The Deep Love of Jesus’

I just had to hear this again: Oh! The Deep Love of Jesus. sung by Simon Khorolskiy (I think), with Katie Gayduchik on the violin. Ocean, beach, and hills by God the Father.

Antidote! ‘Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus’

Wow! This hymn has it all! Requested by Susan, Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus. The violinist is Katie Gayduchik, but I’m not sure who the singer is–whoever he is, thank you, brother. If I were to call this hymn superb, I’d be selling it short.