By Request, ‘When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder’

Requested by Susan, When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder, sung by Simon Khorolskiy and friends. They sing in Russian, but we’ve got subtitles. And the outdoor setting speaks for itself.

By Request, ‘Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus’

Requested by Susan, a hymn we haven’t seen in a while: Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus, sung by Simon Khorolskiy… with Katie Gayduchik as violin soloist. Dramatic background scenery by God the Father.

‘Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross’

Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross–I hear it now and then on the bells of St. Francis’, across the street from me. Simon Khorolskiy sings it to us in Russian; I find the meaning comes through without need for a translator. Katie Gayduchik is the violin soloist.

‘I Lift My Eyes’

Another awe-inspiring hymn video by Simon Khorolskiy, an adaptation of Psalm 122–I Lift My Eyes. It’s sung in Russian, but you can click “CC” for a translation.

By Request, ‘How Excellent Is Thy Name’

Another entry in our hymn contest–requested by Joshua, How Excellent Is Thy Name, a dramatic (very!) treatment of Psalm 8 (“Oh, Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth”).

And now, for the time being, we’re all caught up.

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By Request, ‘The Pillar of Fire’

Requested by Susan, another dramatic hymn video by Simon Khorolski (and Sisters), The Pillar of Fire. Click “CC” to get lyrics in English.

And now I’d better get some work done on my book–we have a major storm in our early afternoon’s weather forecast.

By Request, ‘O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus’

Requested by Susan. Simon Khorolskiy calls this his “epic version” of the hymn, O, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, and we agree. Violinist: Katie Gayduchik.

‘Amazing Grace’ (Two for One)

Simon Khorolskiy and Sounds Like Reign, together in one of the world’s best-loved hymns, Amazing Grace–well, I couldn’t resist.

The hymn shop is open all day if you want to make requests–and I’ve got to tell you, it isn’t crowded.

By Request, ‘When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder’

Requested by Susan, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, a new hymn video by Simon Khorolskiy.

Traditional American gospel song, Country & Western Style, the whole thing sung in Russian, by Russians–a weird formula, but it works, it works.

By Request, ‘The Mighty Have Fallen’

We have a hymn request from Joshua–The Mighty Have Fallen, by Simon Khorolskiy, re-enacting the friendship of David and Jonathan in 1 and 2 Samuel, culminating in David’s lament for Jonathan, slain in battle with the Philistines (2 Samuel 1:25-26).