Pingbacks, Anyone?

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Since Jill repaired the problems on this site, I’ve had two good days, with viewership back almost to where it was when our internet went down in July, and all the rest of the days… not so good. Not good at all. It feels like being stuck in deep mud, unable to get out.

I did discover recently that somehow–I didn’t do it!–I now had “Allow pingbacks and trackbacks” on my posts. I thought I might as well let it stand and see what happens. I tried to find out what a pingback is–I mean, it sounds like some animal the cryptozoologists are looking for–but it didn’t take the Wikipedia article but seconds to lose me. I don’t have a computer vocabulary. I don’t know what they’re talking about.

And so I took away, just now, the pingbacks and trackbacks thingy. If that slows me down even worse, I’ll be at a complete stop. Like when the road ends in a mile-high brick wall. If I knew what a pingback was, I could make an informed decision. But I don’t, so it’s eeny-meeny-minie-moe.

Well, I could always allow them back. I don’t even know if I had any pingbacks while I was allowing them.

Ping-backs, Anyone?

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There is an option available on my editing page, next to “Allow Comments,” that says “Allow Ping-backs and Trackbacks.” Sometimes a perverse spirit tries to tempt me into clicking that. I am deterred by the thought that if I click that option, WordPress will accuse me of “writing code” and something terrible will happen to this blog. All I know about writing code is that I must never do it. Oh, brother–what would happen if I accidentally clicked “Allow Pingbacks and Trackbacks” instead of “Allow Comments”? (He shudders.)

I’ve looked up “pingbacks,” but nothing that I’ve read has given me an understanding of what a pingback is. My wife tried, this morning, to read me an instructional post about pingbacks, but I kept getting hopelessly lost, two sentences into it. “Something terrible will happen if I try it,” I said. Eventually she agreed.

So there are no Ping-backs here, let alone Trackbacks, nor are there ever likely to be any. For all I know, a Ping-back will result in microscopic blue type on a grey background, virtually invisible. Or it might cause the rest of my hair to fall out. Unlike Elfego Baca, this blog does not have nine lives. So I have to be careful with the only one it’s got.