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‘Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern’ (2014)

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Remember when President *Batteries Not Included declared it was impossible to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, and accused Donald Trump of spinning fantasies? And we have seen, with Mr. Trump in the White House, hundreds of thousands of jobs come back and unemployment rates go way down. So it wasn’t impossible, after all–

It was just impossible that any politician from our ruling class could ever make it happen. Because somehow, during the course of 200 years of history, we stumbled into this dreadful position of being governed by ignorant fools.


Do you really, truly believe any real-world problems can be solved by career politicians who have never stood in a checkout line, never had to get to work on time, never attempted to run a business, never had to spend within a strict budget because there was no more freakin’ money where that came from?

How did we ever wind up there?

And we will be marching straight back into Fort Ignorance, if we’re fool enough to elect any Democrats this November.

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