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A Life in Balance #7 (Kids and Righteousness)

This lesson from the story of Rachel and Leah is a little long, but it’s important. And wise. And the lesson is, to put it as simply as I can… “in Christ alone.”     –LD

Loved In Spite of Self

These two
women, Rachel and Leah, what a life they lead.
I know I can be so much like either of these two women. They each have different struggles yet so
many similarities. Rachel has the love
of her husband yet struggles to bear children.
Leah is not loved by her husband yet has many sons.

Each of these women battle idols in their lives. I battle the same idols that these to did in their lives. It was a struggle between keeping God as where hope and confidence comes from instead of the love of a husband or the number of children delivered.

Before I get into this I want to be sure you understand that a loveless marriage is a hard place to be and when a baby is so desired yet not happening is also so difficult. My desire is to not heap guilt on anyone who…

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