‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

 K-5 In Public Schools. A dejected and worried young girl in a classroom

I’ve never found a more reliable method of losing battles in the culture war than this, espoused in 2013 by Rebecca Hagelin.

Why the Good Guys Always Lose

All right, it’s a rhetorical expression: we don’t always lose. But we don’t have “gay marriage,” Drag Queen Story Hour, hyper-feminism, and a virulent strain of the Democrat Party infecting our House of Representatives because we know how to win.

I wonder if Ms. Hagelin was quite all there when she wrote this.

‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

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Five years later, and Christian parents still send millions of Christian children every day to anti-Christian public schools. Here is a typical lame attempt to justify this folly.


Honestly, this whole business of asking 9- and 10-year-olds to be “salt and light” in the Mordor of the public schools, and maybe just maybe convert the frothing-at-the-mouth leftids in the teachers’ unions–well, really, how silly can you get?

Most of what’s wrong with our country is public education’s fault.