The Return of the Devil

Tasmanian devils reintroduced into Australia's mainland for 1st time in  3,000 years - ABC News

Looks like he’s posing for a new coin. Well, why not?

No, no, not that devil! I mean the Tasmanian devil, a cute little animal that we almost lost, last century.

Now, by the work of several conservation groups together, the Tasmanian devil is being reintroduced to Australia’s eucalyptus forests (

The devil was once the top predator in Australia, much bigger ones having vanished with the Ice Age. But when the dingo came to Australia, quite possibly with humans, the mainland devil was driven to extinction. Tasmania was its last refuge; and not many years ago, disease practically wiped it out there.

Anyway, there’s this project to “rewild” Australia (I do hate those cute neologisms), and the world will be a nicer place if it succeeds.

Note: There’s a video embedded in the article I linked to.