NY to ‘Require’ Social Media to Rat Out ‘Hateful Conduct’

One way to create a police state is to turn every man into a a policeman–and, at the same time, a policeman’s prey. Always be ready to turn in your neighbor; and watch out he doesn’t turn you in first.

As our ruling class labors to turn America into a communist hell-hole, the new governor of New York (the old one, you may remember, had to resign in disgrace) has announced that from now on, social media providers will be “required (they love that word!) to monitor and report hateful conduct on their platforms.”

Gee, Kathy–what’s “hateful conduct?”

“Shut up!” she explained.

But that is the crux of it. Who gets to decide who’s “hateful”? And while we’re at it, are we talking about some absurd pretense by government of getting rid of a natural human emotion that’s part of who we are? Do they think they can change that? Just by having people report each other?

I lived in a police state for a time–my grade school. It was horrible. The kids who were, um, “safety patrols” had absolute power to pick on any kid they pleased: and the “school officials” always backed them up. There was one teacher who thought it was outrageous, but they got rid of him.

Wait’ll you get penalized because some malicious little twerp “reported” you for something that you didn’t do.

Hey, welcome to Kathy Hochul’s New York.