Orcas Ramming Yachts–Again and Again


Whale-watching could get a little dangerous soon.

Scientists are baffled by recent attacks on boats and yachts by killer whales, orcas, in the sea off Spain and Portugal (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/13/killer-whales-launch-orchestrated-attacks-on-sailing-boats).

This behavior by the orcas has never been reported before, it’s really quite scary, and nobody knows why the orcas are doing it. One yacht reported being rammed by a single orca “at least 15 times,” disabling the engine and the steering gear. The yacht had to be towed into port.

“Several boats sustained serious damage,” including injuries to their crews, ran another report.

Scientists may be baffled, but the sages at the left-wing British noozepaper, The Guardian, are not. Only “51 days to save the Earth!” ‘Cause of Man-Made Climate Change, see. ‘Cause every year is, like, the hottest year ever. And if those Paris Climate Accords don’t go through, we’re all, like, doomed.

If they stopped short of calling for the Green New Deal, it’s only because the UK doesn’t have one yet.

Meanwhile, we don’t know why the orcas are banging into yachts. And there’s something else we don’t know, a bigger something:

Just how hard are the orcas trying?

(Actually it sounds like something in a “Bell Mountain” book…)