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Why I Despise the Olympics

Let me say it plainly: I hate the Olympics.

I won’t be watching them. Sheesh, it’s like a Super Bowl that goes on for weeks and weeks. But the Super Bowl is just annoying. The Olympics have become offensive.

One) The Olympics have become a prostituted vehicle for heavy-handed Far Left cultural and political indoctrination. Last time it was the Olympics celebrating Darwinism and socialized medicine. This time they’re being used as propaganda for Global Warming, er, Climate Change–complete with noted actress Judy Dench shilling for she knows not what. It’s really amazing how quickly you can lose respect for someone.

Two) Like just about everything else in this shameful period of history, the Olympics is a cheating festival.

Carefully watch that video of the Olympic gymnast snapping his leg like a piece of raw spaghetti. That is not a normal injury. It’s a steroid injury.

Of course, given the amount of cheating that’s been involved in “Climate Science,” that and the Olympics seems like a perfect match.

Three) Spiritually, this business gives me the creeps. There’s something about that one-world, no-more-borders, with one all-powerful and all-wise secular government over all crapola, that smacks of Antichrist. This spirit is very much a part of the Olympics.

Beats me how anyone can stand to watch it.

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