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I think the thing that most troubles me about this bat-brained cultural epoch we’re stuck in is the speed, the ease, with which people who are certainly old enough to know better adopt brand-new idiocies the moment they’re created. I mean, look how fast they went for “transgender.”

Other examples:

Saying “they” instead of “he” or “she.”

Thinking they themselves can be the next Jackie Chan or Douglas Fairbanks, monkey-flips and all–just do it! It all winds up on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, we are told that now more people want to become “YouTube stars”–for 15 or 20 minutes, I guess–than astronauts.

Worshiping “famous celebrities” you never heard of, who became famous by doing things you never thought of.

by Jove, they snap ’em up like a chameleon snapping up flies. As soon as something new comes rolling out of the dumpster, hipsters grab it. When they’re not busy decoding “coded” messages that really mean something nasty. Like, “What time is it?” is “code” for various Racist and Inappropriate Hate Speech.

No mas, no mas…