My Newswithviews Column, July 8 (‘Can They Hijack Our Dreams?’)

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;The Nightmare’ by Fuseli

Are there any good ideas out there, anymore, or only bad ones?

How about letting advertisers target us in our dreams, while we sleep? How does that rate as a truly wretched idea?

Can They Hijack Our Dreams?

Our ruling class is in love with Manufactured Consent–so much more convenient than real consent!

Maybe they’d like manufactured people, too.

Now They Want to Own Our Dreams

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Rogue scientists hired by Coors Breweries are working on a way to pump advertising messages into your brain while you’re sleeping, so that you’ll buy their product while you’re awake ( They want to hijack your dreams.

They call it “Targeted Dream Incubation,” and they’re pretty sure they can make it work. Critics call it “weaponizing sleep”–against the sleeper–and warn that it might be done through “Alexa” units that the unsuspecting consumer already has in his bedroom.

The good news is that the Federal Trade Commission has the authority to ban this. The bad news is, how would we ever know they really did?

And what about what might happen if governments get their hot little hands on this technology? Wow: Democrats unanimously elected! And suddenly everyone is so obedient! The CDC wants to see what happens if they inject you with Gorilla Glue? Why, sure! Where do I sign up to volunteer?

Go ahead, tell me this stuff doesn’t come from the pit of Hell and smell of brimstone. I won’t believe you, but tell me anyway.