‘Serving Up Slop to Teen Readers’ (2013)

Stupid Children by Lenore Zion | Goodreads

Is this true? “Stupid people are born, not made.”  I think an awful lot of trouble goes into making them.

I don’t scout the Young Readers shelves in the supermarket anymore. There’s only so much that flesh and blood can stand. That anyone is still reading anything by the time they finish college is a mystery to me.

Serving Up Slop to Teen Readers

Come to think of it, I used to read and review these books, too. I wonder if I ought to start doing it again. What do you think?

‘And Here’s an Even Worse Book’ (2011)

Image result for images of blue moon by alyson noel

“The Immortals”? Immortality under these conditions would be unbearable.

You wouldn’t have thought it possible to stage a literary train-wreck as total as Jon Skovron’s Misfit; but in Blue Moon, Alyson Noel (don’t tell me that’s what it says on her birth certificate) certainly gives it a serious try. Imagine being stuck in high school for, oh, four hundred years or so. But reading this book only feels like that.

And Here’s an Even Worse Book

You may wonder what I was doing, reading these really stupid books in the first place. Well, I was preparing to be a guest on a radio program, discussing Young Adults fiction. After you read a few of these, you kind of lose heart and need to take eight or nine years off. I guess I’m ready to go back on the air, if anyone wants me.

I would love to see one of these “teen lit” authors try to tell a story without cliches. Betcha anything they couldn’t do it. It would be funny–like watching someone try to dribble a loaf of bread down the basketball court.

These books are so bad, I find it almost sinister. Is it part of some incredibly subtle and complicate plot against civilization?