Waiting for Science to Raise the Dead

The Master Mind of Mars (1969) -- Pulp Covers

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At the Alcor Life Extension facility in Scottsdale, AZ, 199 dead “patients” are waiting–if we can speak of dead bodies as “waiting”–for new Science to come along that’ll cure the diseases that killed them and bring them back to life in healthy new bodies (https://www.jpost.com/science/article-719461).

Meanwhile, they’re still dead. Oh–and some of them are just… heads. But it costs $200,000 to have your body preserved in liquid nitrogen, but only $80,000 for your head (kind of gives a new twist to the old saying, “a noggin of rum”). If you can’t scratch up the cash, you can take out a life insurance policy and make Alcor the beneficiary.

Hey, wait a minute! Didn’t Edgar Rice Burroughs get here first–in 1927, with The Master Mind of Mars? Sure he did. In his book, rich and powerful people, dying of old age or whatever, paid out huge sums to scientific genius Ras Thavas to transplant their brains into young and healthy bodies. They weren’t too particular about whose bodies they were or how Ras Thavas obtained them. Abuses abound.

And say–what if Alcor goes bankrupt? What happens to the heads and bodies?

What if, when you’re at last brought back to life, the whole experience has resulted in there being something terribly wrong with you that no one’s ever seen before and no one know how to treat?

Imagine putting yourself to sleep in 1940 and waking up now. Whose sanity could bear up under that?

No, no, they haven’t thought this through. Fear of death has unbalanced their minds.

We have our Lord Jesus Christ, who has won eternal life for everyone who believes in Him. We still fear death, because we’re flesh and blood and we can’t help it. But we do not face it without hope. We do not face it without our Savior.

Liquid nitrogen… fooey.

Coming Soon: Head Transplants?

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How many times have you heard someone complain, “I’ve got no head for business”? Ah! But what if that person could have a great CEO’s head transplanted onto his body? Problem solved!

Somewhere in the wilds of Manchuria, a headline-happy Italian surgeon and his Chinese colleagues are working to develop new surgical procedures which could, they say, make human head transplants possible (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2019/03/27/italian-chinese-surgeons-cite-spinal-cord-repair-head-transplant-canavero-xiaoping/3287179002/).

In fairness, what they say they’re working on–note I did not say “actually working on”–is repairing broken or damaged spinal cords, something which medical science has not yet been able to achieve. To be able to repair spinal cord injuries would be truly wonderful, worthy of high praise.

Head transplants, not so much.

In The Master Mind of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote of a brilliant Martian scientist who transplanted the brains of rich, powerful people who were getting old into the bodies of young, healthy, good-looking people. This was routinely abused and John Carter had to make him stop.

Imagine! By the miracle of head transplant surgery, you could have Nancy Pelosi running the House of Representatives for the next 300 years. Just keep transplanting her head on young bodies. Supermodel bodies, if you like. Break out the bikini. [Oops–did I forget to hand out barf bags before I wrote that? Sorry!]

Oh, well–who knows what goes on in China? As Plato once said, when he’d heard stories of the kraken, “Perhaps the stories are not true.”