‘There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood’

Sometimes Youtube doesn’t tell you who’s performing a piece of music. This is one of those times. I can’t give the credit that’s deserved–but whoever they are, they’ve done a beautiful rendition of There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood.

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‘There Is a Fountain’

We’re playing your favorite hymns at the start of each day. Today it’s There Is a Fountain, by Selah.

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‘There Is a Fountain’

There Is a Fountain, by William Cowper, published in 1772: Mr. Cowper was an exceedingly troubled man, even suicidal, whose life was, ironically, saved when he fell into a temporary bout of madness. He came out of it a man of greater understanding; and he began to write hymns, starting with this one.

Sung by the choir from Fountainview Academy–beautiful!