No Guts, No Courage, No Brains

Cowardly High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

“Journalists” are really disgusting: no bigger pack of cowards has ever burdened the human race.

Every stupid moronic PC tidbit that comes down the pike, they scarf it down–and then they spit it back out at their audience. Like “black” now gets a capital B (but not from me). Latino or Latina (the correct Spanish terms) becomes “latinx.” And every chicken-schiff “journalist” out there dives onto the bandwagon.

The most offensive of these neo-stupidities, to me, is the use of the word “they” to denote one person. This is done to avoid using “he” or “she,” etc. They avoid using normal English pronouns because a couple of dindles at a journalism school said so. “Did Jane ever make it to the dance?” “No, they weren’t there.” What kind of twaddle is this? Who are they afraid of? What do they think will happen to them if they talk like normal people who aren’t prating fools?

Even a so-called “conservative” like Sean Hannity does this. He refers to Bruce Jenner, a man with a profound mental illness, as “Caitlyn” and “she.” How can we respect someone who does that?

Cowards. Poltroons. Make like dandruff and flake off.