Man Marries Tree (not a satire, folks)

Thanks to my chess buddy, Ohio Chess Fan, for alerting me to this priceless gem of news.

What do you get when you turn from the real God and worship things that are no gods?

You get this: some Peruvian nimrod of an “actor and activist” going up to Mexico to “marry” a tree–yes, I said a tree–in some kind of “Inca ceremony” (|main5|dl7|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D-1296361174_htmlws-main-nb ). Not that there ever were any Incas in Mexico.

He reckons this’ll make people stop cutting down the world’s forests. Well, duh–who doesn’t want that? D’you think I like having my whole county paved over?

But the orcs that are doing it are not going to stop because they’ve seen some dingbat get married to a tree. Like, “Ooh, we can’t pave over any more woodlands, ’cause the tree you go after with your chain saw might be somebody’s wife or husband!”

An Inca ceremony, eh? Why don’t they bring back some more of those charming pre-Columbian religious practices–human sacrifice and all that? The Incas were famous for carting little children up to the tippy-tops of very high mountains and leaving them there to starve and freeze to death, as an offering to some pagan devil.

I have done my share of cursing at developers who saw down woods and steamroll farms so they can put up yet another strip mall. They won’t care if a thousand “activists” get married to trees, Boston ferns, or patches of kudzu.

If you’ve ever wondered whether more and more people in this fallen world are getting stupider and stupider… well, I think you can stop wondering.