Death Penalty for Voter Fraud

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Because it strikes directly at the heart of our republic, threatens to discredit our electoral process and de-legitimize all our legal and political institutions, and causes people to lose faith in the honesty and fairness of the country–

Committing voter fraud, knowingly enabling voter fraud, funding voter fraud, and helping to organize voter fraud ought to be capital offenses. These are, after all, offenses against every American citizen and a threat to all our liberties.

When your republic fails, you don’t get something nicer. Usually you get a tyrant. Or it might be mob rule; that’s always fun. And you get a lot of dead bodies. History tells us so.

This is a fragile form of government and it must be maintained and defended. Corrupting the electoral process is a mortal threat.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! How else are Democrats supposed to win? You don’t think people would honestly vote for open borders and higher taxes, do you?

Well, if they can’t win without cheating, then they don’t deserve to be in the picture anymore.