School Board’s Response to Question: ‘Run Away!’

Boy Running Away from Question Marks Stock Vector ...

Run away from questions–they bite!

So who said public officials have to answer questions from the public or the press? Where is that written–huh, huh?

Not in Waterloo, Ontario, that’s for sure. There, the members of the Catholic School Board stampeded out of a public meeting rather than answer the questions put to them by  a reporter from Rebel News. (

At issue was a social media post by one of the board members calling “white males” “the most dangerous creature on the planet.” The board refused to answer a reporter’s question, “Do you approve or condemn this racist, sexist, anti-Christian statement?” When the audience cheered, and the board president couldn’t make it stop, they all picked up their things and ran away.

Where is it written that we get to be “represented” by people who despise us? How did that happen? I remember when your local school board members were neighbors, friends, and even family. Now it’s all a mob of Far Left weirdos.

When I was a reporter, I soon learned that just about anybody could win a school board election if he put his mind to it. The turnout was always very low; I saw as few as five votes suffice to elect a candidate. So it’s not hard at all for a bunch of leftids to take over a local board of education. It happens all the time.

We have to make it stop happening. No more ignoring those school board elections!