Comuneism It Realy Works!

If thares one thing i has learnt hear in collidge, being a interllectural, i has learnt that Comuneism it reely works!

Yiu want prufe? Wel hear is some prufe–Pressadint Obamma, He says it works! Thats al the prufe I need!

But thare is more prufe too. Frinstants, why yiu think al them Chess champoins they was from the Sovite Union in Russha? Yiu got to be super-Smart to be good at Chess. I plaid Chess once and it was reely hard! But the Sovites thay had one champoin after anather!Popoff, Nockoff, and Sodoff, and aslo Pratsky and Platsky and Sopavich and aslo that other guy hoose name i cant spel. Thay was all Worrld Champoins of Chess and that was becose of Comuneism, it reely works!

Now yiu ask Why, how come Comuneism it works so good? Its becose the Comuneistes thay got rid of Religin, expesialy them christins. But than wehn thay let christins come back it al went bad in Russha and that lost thare Comuneism becose of stopid religin and now it dont work anyymore.

But as our Pressadint showed and i wisht He culd be Pressadint forever Comuneism stil works grate in Cubea and thats why Cubea is so grate! And thats why Pressadint Obamma he whent thare and sayed how grate it is! Yiu onely got to take jist one loock at Cubea to see how grate it is.

And yuo wil see when we got Comuneism hear in Ammerica that it wil work jist Grate and thare wil be free Collidge Tution for evryone but them stopid christins.