Trump’s Speech–Wow!

Patty and I listened to President Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly–37 minutes of wow! I don’t know for how long Youtube will make it available, but I have it here for now.

Did he touch all the bases, or what? The “international community” of money-grubbing power-hungry globalists, along with America-hating American liberals also known as Democrats, and the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle of Far Left Crazy–none of them escaped unscathed. Trump stung ’em all. While insisting on the unique greatness of America! Betcha that made their skins burn.

It has been a very long time since any American president showed that kind of leadership. Such a willingness to fight for us! A president who sides with the American people against all who’d prey on them.

No “international right” to abortion. America will never succumb to socialism. No more stealing our intellectual property. Stiffer and stiffer sanctions on Iran. Not a word about imaginary OMGtheworldisgonnaend!! Climate Change. No open borders. But it would take too long even just to list the highlights.

Is it any wonder the Swamp, the Globalists, and the Far Left hate this man? Certainly not the kind of babbling Republican surrender monkey that they’re used to!

Just imagining how that speech must’ve made the leftids squirm gives me a warm feeling inside. Anything that bad for the bad guys has to be good for America.

Note: He has a red tie, white shirt, and blue jacket. Oh, those dreadful colors!

Can they impeach him for that?